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    About us

    About us


    TOTAI is an industry leading manufacturer of polymer flame retardants and special functional aids, Salicylic acid and its derivatives. Our company currently has 3 R&D centers, 3 production bases and a global sales network, positioning us as a high-tech enterprise with steady growth.

    TOTAI is a major producer of flame retardant producer globally, with 30000MT capacity of Octabromo flame retardants including Propyl octabromodiphenyl ether, Butyl octabromodiphenyl ether, Octabromodiphenyl S ether which is the largest in the world. Planed to produce 15,000MT Tri(tribromophenyl) cyanurate and 20,000MT Brominated polystyrene. Our company has 100,000 MT of Phosphorus and Nitrogen flame retardant production capacity. Current capacity of BDP is 20,000 MT, which will expand to 60,000 MT. Capacity of MCA is 20,000 MT and Pyrophosphate piperazine’s capacity is 20,000 MT. Our flame retardants are mainly used in electronics and electrical appliances, automotive and other industries such as engineering plastics and building energy conservation and insulation as well as furniture PU cotton.

    TOTAI ranks among top three global manufacturers of triazine light stabilizers such as OUVIN1164,OUVIN1577 and also produce special functional additives TLAS ATA as acetaldehyde scavenger for PET. 


    TOTAI currently has 20,000 MT of salicylic acid production capacity, which will gradually expand to 60,000 MT.Meanwhile, Total will also produce salicylic acid derivatives. Planned capacity includes 30,000 MT of methyl salicylic acid ,15000 MT of salicylic amide and10,000 MT of salicylic nitrile. Salicylic acid products are mainly used in pharmaceutical,pesticide and other industries.

    TOTAI is determined to become a respected, ,first-class technology manufacturer globally in functional assistant for polymer materials and in the production of salicylic acid derivatives. We will further strengthen our technology research and development capability, accelerate our production capacity and product portfolio in the field of flame retardants, special functional auxiliaries and salicylic acid series products. This will empower us to achieve our goal of continuously providing more innovative products and application solutions for our customers and the industries in general. 



    Add: West side, ErJing Str., Developing &  Experimental zone,YuanBaoShan District,ChiFeng,Inner Mongolia,China


    Tel:86-476-3232 888

    Sales Tel:86-476-3232 999,3585 666

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